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Guild Expansion
Hello Deific Madrigal!

Pleased to see that more and more people are making their way to the guild website.  The more the merrier,  we try and use this feature as much as humanly possible to ensure everyone is well informed and keep our communication levels high!

Recently cleansed all of the bank characters of items not needed/wanted by the majority of players,  I am currently making a concerted effort to bring our guild bank down to a grand total of 20 items.  All of which will be high-tier, wanted items (anything from paralytic/disruptor/smiting/tomes/etc). 

We will continue to add money to the guild bank,  for the lower level members that cannot use the top tier items.  If you have a donation please let us know and it'll be brought to the guild pool!

New Chat Server!
We now have a new ventrilo server, thanks to Aaron! 

Please, as soon as possible, download ventrilo at

The chat server information is:


This is a great way for us to communicate at all times!

Thanks very much to Aaron for purchasing this for the guild!!
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